Our Vision & Mission

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He gave His disciples a command in Matthew 28:18-20. This passage is known as The Great Commission.

Jesus commissioned His church to make disciples.

Jesus envisioned His disciples sharing His Gospel around the world that people may have eternal life and become His followers. Jesus wanted His church to develop Christians to be devoted disciples. Jesus called His disciples to GOBAPTIZETEACH.

GOING is Seeking non-Christians for Jesus. BAPTIZING is Identifying new Christians with Jesus. TEACHING is Growing all Christians in Jesus.


Making More Disciples

We are purposely driven by four missions/values that lead our church to fulfill our vision of Making More Disciples


LOVING GOD is our highest priority in life. We Him with our whole being. God is to be first and foremost in our life. We express our love for God in worshipping Him in spirit and truth; and we expressed our love for God loving obedience to His Word.

LOVING EACH OTHER is one of the characteristics of being Jesus’ disciples and it is our testimony to world we are His disciples. We strive to build healthy relationships in a loving community of oneness in the Spirit of God.

LOVING THE WORLD is the second greatest commandment in the Bible. Christians are to love all people with grace, understanding and compassion. We strive to be good neighbors by partnering with community leaders to help people in need with the compassion of Christ.


LEARNING TO GROW IN DISCIPLESHIP means every Christian is purposely engage in the life-long process of learning and growing to be like Jesus in actions, thoughts and feelings. The keys of growing are knowledge of the Word; understanding of the Word and applying biblical teaching to our lives. As we grow in living out the biblical principles of Scripture, we experience the abundant life that Jesus promised.


SERVING GOD AND OTHERS  calls for every Christian to serve because every disciple is a minister. We are to serve with the compassion of Jesus for the Glory of God. We use our giftedness and being empowered by the Spirit of God to minister to various needs in our church and community. We strive to create a culture of discipleship development.


SHARING THE GOSPEL WITH THE WORLD is one of the greatest privileges of making more disciples. We believe that Jesus offers the best life ever and we are eager to share His life-changing message with everyone so they can experience the wonderful life only Jesus can give. We pray for non-Christians to know Jesus and partner with other churches and parachurches to plant new churches throughout the world. Our church seeks to share the Gospel in Denton through compassionate need-based evangelism as Jesus often did.